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User Agreement

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User Agreement!!!

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. We’re informing you about our privacy policy to know what information we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. This privacy declaration is from TravelMyDestination Travel Blog (“us,” “we,” or “our”) our website “”. This site is referred to as “” throughout this notice. Our services are maintained and operated by the TravelMyDestionation Travel Blog.

We at TravelMyDestination does not collect your name, email address, location, or other similar information unless you choose to provide it.

We collect only limited information automatically from visitors who read, browse and download reports from our site or use our features such as Online Booking, Tour Information, Adventure Tours and others. We do this to understand how the site is being used and how we can make it more helpful. The bottom line is that our services keep users’ information confidential and do not sell any information that we get after your sign up process to any third party. We, at TravelMyDestination, value our user’s privacy and collect their information only after they consent to make the most of our features and have a great overall experience.

1. Information TravelMyDestination Collect:
The information we collect from you comprises the general information that we collect from all users and some specific information you provide upon registering on the The information we gather is only for improving your experience of our features.

1.1 When You Browse:
Specific information about your visit can be collected when you browse our website. This is when you browse, we, and in some cases, our third-party service providers can contain the following types of information about your visit, including:

  • IP address (an IP or internet protocol address is a number that is automatically assigned to a device connected to the web)
  • Operating system (which is software that directs a computer’s essential functions such as executing programs and managing storage) for the device that you are using and information about the browser you used when visiting the site
  • Operating system (which is software that directs a computer’s basic functions such as executing programs and managing storage) for the device that you are using and information about the browser you used when visiting the site.
  • Date and time
  • Pages information
  • Address of the website that redirected you to (such as
  • Device type (desktop computer, tablet, or type of mobile device)
  • Browser language
  • Time spent on pages
  • User events (e.g. clicking a button)

We use this information to measure the number of visitors to our site and its various sections, to help make our site more useful to visitors, and to improve our public education and outreach through digital advertising. Also, this information is sometimes used to personalize the content we show to you on third-party sites.

1.2 General Information and Permissions:
The general information we collect is applicable to all our users. All these permissions except for the user’s device information is obtained only after the user’s consent. Whenever we collect any information of the user, it is transmitted to us in a secure way. The following permissions are taken on app level that we require from you:

  • Location information is required for providing our users accurate information and information about Places around them.
  • Notification permission is required for sending useful information and other helpful reminder notifications. This permission is required from iOS users only.
  • Network permissions both Wifi and mobile data, in order to use Wifi for these services.
  • Camera permissions are required for taking photos for posting in our Community section and for updating profile picture. This permission is required from iOS users only.
  • Media storage (photo gallery) permission is required for downloading, obtaining information and Gallery images.
  • Phone state/Address book access is required to help users contact any information and invite their friends and family to use our services respectively.
  • Device Information includes your hardware and software information comprising of Device Model, Device OS and their App version number.
  • Device Identifiers are used for sending push notification via Firebase(Google Analytics).

1.3 Account Information:
For Business accounts, when you sign up, you will provide us with your “Business type,” “Full Name,” “Email Address,” “Password,” “Location,” and “Profile Picture” (optional). Later a Business account through its Profile can add its “Bio,” “Website,” “Contact,” and “Address.” For Personal accounts, you provide us with your “Full Name,” “Email Address,” “Password,” “Location,” and “Profile Picture” (optional). All of these information can be edited via your Profile. The information like user ID, email address, passwords, and your other information log is secured and never shared with anyone, nor with the TravelMyDestination team. This information can be shared with your country’s government authorities upon their formal request, which is handled very carefully.

1.4 Marketing Purposes:
The information you provide us directly after signing up, which includes your “Full Name” and “Email Address,” is used to send you a more personalized email and newsletters regarding our exciting updates. Only registered users who have an account with TravelMyDestination or those who have specifically subscribed to our newsletter fall under this category. At any point in time, the user can unsubscribe from our newsletter, following which they will not get any personalized emails from us. Surveys that help us get feedback to improve our app are also sent to the users based on the App version number they are using. You are not obligated to respond to polls or surveys. We use “Device ID” to send personalized notifications and updates regarding our latest features. At any point in time, the user can opt-out of the push notifications permission that he has given to Athan by going to his device’s settings and of by going to the browser’s Settings.

1.5 Customer Support:
At any point in time, our users can contact us via our support email address that is “” When they do so, the “Email Address” by which they are sending the email is visible to our support agents and the Device information they are sending, which includes their Device Model, Device OS, and their App version number. We use this information to investigate, respond to, and resolve complaints and Service issues (e.g., bugs).

1.6 Analytics:
We use these tools to collect necessary information about our users’ visits and behavior on both This information is then used to maintain the website, including monitoring site stability, measuring website traffic, optimizing website content, improving search engine optimization, and making the website more useful to visitors. For the information we gather from our analytics (Google, Facebook, and Firebase) only helps us to improve your everyday experience. This information is not personal and only facilitates us in improving and understanding how our users use our services. At any point in time, our users can opt-out of these third-party tracking services by switching to the analytics services that we offer in our page settings or use the privacy manager to opt-out of website analytics tools.

1.7 Cookies: uses cookies to improve the users’ experience while browsing/visiting the website. This website uses a cookie control system, enabling the user to allow or disallow the use of cookies on their computer/device upon their first website visit. This complies with recent legislation requirements for websites to obtain explicit consent from their users before leaving behind or reading files such as cookies on a user’s computer/device.

1.8 How to Contact Us:
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the Service, please contact us via sending an email at privacy@travelmydestination or or you can follow us on , Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Koo, Telegram and YouTube. or mail to "" TravelMyDestination will update this Privacy Policy from time to time, so please review it periodically. We may provide you additional forms of notice of modifications or updates as appropriate under the circumstances. Your continued use of TravelMyDestination and its products after any change to this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such modification.

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