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Adventure on the Off Road

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Off Roading (Adventure on the Off Road)

Upload By: Kabir Ansari on July 10, 2022
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Overview: Off Roading

Off-roading is a rugged, in-the-wilds activity that involves navigating vehicles on dirt tracks, mountain paths or desert trails. It is pursued on terrain such as sand, gravel, snow, mud, rock, grassland, riverbeds (dry or with shallow water), and other natural terrain – away from unpaved surfaces.

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Know more about popular sites for Off Roading in India.

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

Variants of off-roading include dune-bashing (or ‘wadi’ bashing, as it’s called in the countries of the Gulf), cross country, rally raid, green laning, mudding, rock racing and competitive trials. There are also winch events, which necessitate the use of a winch (at the back and at the front of the vehicle) to access hard-to-reach places like ravines and precipitous inclines. Motocross – motorcycle racing done off-road – is performed on enclosed circuits.

Off-roading is done in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), both four- and two-wheel, like 4x4’s, jeeps, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, quad bikes, rock crawlers and sand rails.

This is a sport that’s all burning rubber – and all action!

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

Off Roading History:

A Frenchman by the name of Adolphe Kégresse is credited with the design of the world’s first off-road model. When in the employ of Czar Nicholas II of Russia, in the 1900s and 1910s, Kégresse designed a track in the style of a caterpillar, with a flexible belt, which could be modified to a regular motorcar or truck.

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

But off-roading as an adventure pursuit can trace its origins from the time when jeeps became a popular mode of transport among Americans, in the years following the end of the Second World War. These super-sturdy vehicles epitomize the often muscular thrills of no-holds-barred off-roading, and with

the American military making accessible to civilians its many jeeps leftover from WW2, Americans took to off-roading as a recreational pastime with a passion. A conventional jeep, incidentally, would have four-wheel drive, high-ground clearance and low gearing. Nowadays, there is a mind-boggling variety of off-road vehicles out there for those folks who love hitting the dirt, to choose from – both solidly heavy-duty and all-purpose light-duty.

Off-roading events are legendary, the Dakar Rally and the Baja 1000 being among the most famous. These events are a test of both navigational expertise and vehicle resilience. Motocross events, as arduous as any off-road activity, are popular in Britain.

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

Off Roading In India:

Though off-roading is pretty much a niche adventure sport amongst Indians – restricted mainly to those who can afford the machines – the country does boast of some fine terrain for the purpose. Parts of the Himalayas feature perfect – and often spectacular – off-roading terrain, while Ladakh’s high-altitude desert offers equally favourable conditions for the activity. Out west in Gujarat, the salt marshes of the Rann of Kutch make for a unique off-roading experience.

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

Know more about popular locations for Off Roading in India.

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

Best season for Off Roading in India:

For a sport that places emphasis on endurance and strength, off-roading is best enjoyed in arduous conditions – the heat of the desert and the cold of the mountains make for challenging off-roading. But if you’re not an extreme-weather person, you can indulge in off-roading any time of the year.

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

Off Roading sites in India:

Rajasthan: Jodhpur, Nagaur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Barmer
Ladakh: Nubra Valley
Gujarat: Rann of Kutch

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

Off Roading TIPS:

Prepare well (see equipment), and don’t ignore the safety aspects of off-roading. You might think you’re a can-do-no-wrong dude on wheels but come ready for any unforeseen (and unfortunate) eventuality. Off-roading is thrilling, and plenty of fun, but it’s not a sport for the faint-hearted!

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

Medical Concerns:

Off-roading is a demanding, and often dangerous activity. Besides food and water, make sure there are emergency rations and medical supplies near the venue/location, should any urgency arise (if not, carry some with you). Enjoy the thrill of the ride, but take all necessary precautions – and don’t forget to bring along a first-aid kit.

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road


Tow rope, shovel, two-way radio, GPS navigation + maps, full tank + extra fuel, spare tyre, portable air compressor (a high-lift jack might also be necessary), back-up water for radiator, fire extinguisher. A daredevil attitude may also come in handy!

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

Ecological concerns:

Off-roading, an activity that continues to grow in popularity, has come in for much censure from environmental groups. These groups contend that ATV use leads to soil erosion, destruction of terrain and local habitats (including harm to species) and pollution. It has also been noted that the two-stroke engines of (most) off-road vehicles have been known to cause excessive amounts of pollution, affecting air, soil and groundwater. It has, in addition, been proved that the high levels of noise from these machines have led to adverse behavioural changes in animals.

When indulging in off-roading, take steps to make sure that any negative effects on the environment are minimized. Ensure whether use of the off-road trail you are going to be travelling on is legal, and also, that the organizers of the event/race are committed to protecting the local ecosystem and helping out in conservation efforts. Above all, do endeavor to use public land responsibly, and try as much as possible to maintain the peace of the area.

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

What's to Carry when you go for Off Roading?

Must carry some water with you
Must Carry some cash because there are limited network and Banking Facility
Carry some food items
Carry extra warm cloths
Not to travel alone

Popular Off Roading Sites

Best Time for Off Roading
  JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN  
  JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC  

Ideal Conditions for Off Roading

 If any sport can be said to favour brawn over brain (though it’s best not to ignore the latter), it is off-roading. It can be done in any ground and atmospheric conditions – the tougher, the better. It’s an activity that places an emphasis on intrepidness, resilience and quick reactions.

What Should Wear

 Rough-and-ready dress as if you're going into action (as befits an adventure activity that owes much of it provenance to surplus WW2 jeeps)! You (and your machine) will go through plenty of wear and tear, so come fitted in appropriate , outdoorsy clothing - a lived-in pair of jeans and a pair of hardy boots!

Activity's Location

Off Roading, Drive out of the Road

FAQs about
Off Roading

What kind of vehicles are most suitable for Off-Road driving?

It mostly depends on the terrain and the technique. Keep in mind that Off-Roading is a very broad concept and includes various techniques, suiting to the traveler. Most vehicles are not built for off-road driving as they come with a weak rear axle and a standard IFS. Good tires are a must, especially with muddy terrains.

What kind of terrain is best suited for Off-Road driving?

Basically, you could start anywhere that is off limits (and safe!!!), however, for an authentic off-road adventure, there are a lot many places that could get your blood pumping. The most important thing to remember is that comfort comes first. Just because something looks cool on television, doesn't mean it is meant for you in real life.

What should I do to take care of my safety?

Know your trail before planning Off Roading.

Which off road driving trail has the most elevation gain in India?

With an ascent of 46,126 m, Ladakh Circuit has the most elevation gain of all of the off road driving trails in the area. The next highest ascent for off road driving trails is Spiti Circuit Shimla - Manali via Kunzum La with 25,650 m of elevation gain.

What is the most popular and difficult off-road driving trail in India?

The most popular and difficult off-road driving trail in India is Shali Tibba Trek

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