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Chandratal Lake Status

Chandratal Road Status 2024 – 2025

Chandratal Road Status 105

Chandratal Lake Status - Chandratal Road

Current Status (Closed from Manali & Kaza Both Side)
Upload By: Kabir Ansari on Nov 21, 2023
Himachal Pradesh,


Chandratal Lake also known as the trekker's paradise, Chandratal Lake is reckoned as the most charismatic lake situated in the laps of Himalayas.

Chandratal Lake Road Status 2023 - 24

Chandra Tal is a lake in the Spiti part of the Lahul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Chandra Taal is near the source of the Chandra River. Despite the rugged and inhospitable surroundings, it is in a protected niche with some flowers and wildlife in summer.

Chandratal Lake Road Status 2023 - 24

The condition of the road is a mix of good and average. There is road widening work happening on this route due to which, the traffic these days is slower than usual. But other than that, the condition of the road is mostly smooth. To know more about the latest updates on Chandratal Lake Status, you can follow us on , Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Koo, Telegram and YouTube. or mail to ""

Chandratal Lake Road Status 2023 - 24

For complete information about the trip time and how to plan a trip to Chandratal Lake visit at
A Trip to Chandratal Lake Complete Travel Guide

En-Route Chandratal Lake Road Status 2024

Road / Route Status
Manali to Chandratal Closed
Kaza to Chandratal Closed
Kunzum Pass Closed
Chitkul Road Closed
Kalpa Road Closed
Shimla to Kaza Closed

Chandratal Lake Road Status 2023 - 24
Beautiful view of Spiti Valley in Summers

Kaza to Chandratal Road Status = Closed

The road from Kaza to Chandratal generally gets open every year in the month of May. The date is actually a little sooner than the entire Manali Kaza stretch gets open in this year.

The route from the Kaza side becomes accessible and a day trip can easily be made. There will however be no campsites available and you will have to return to Kaza by evening. On the plus side, there is a high chance that you will find the lake half-frozen, like in the picture above.

Keep in mind though that the campsites at the lake will only be available by early May. The campsites are available until the 10th of the month and after that, there is no accommodation available anymore.

Though the road remains open a little longer after that and you can still make a day visit to the lake, you will not be able to stay there overnight.

Chandratal Lake Road Status 2023 - 24

Manali to Chandratal Road Status = Closed

The road from Manali to Chandratal only gets open only after the snow from Rohtang and Kunzum Pass has been removed completely. This only happens towards the end of May historically. To be on the safer side, assume the date of opening of the road as 20th May and not sooner than that.

Chandratal Lake Road Status 2023 - 24

Kunzum Pass Status = Closed

The status of Kunzum Pass is closed right now and it will only open after May 15th. There is a chance that it may even open sooner if it did not snow too much. But we will only find that out next year after the winter season has passed.

Chandratal Lake Road Status 2023 - 24

Does Chandratal Lake Open for Tourists?

Chandratal lake is declared open in the first week of June after the snow from Kunzum Pass and Chandratal road is cleared. If there was not too much snow and BRO was able to complete the work faster, Chandratal may open by late May as well.

Chandratal Lake Road Status 2023 - 24


Chandratal lake is not located in the Spiti Valley, rather it is located in the Lahaul Valley. Unguided wanderlust often leads to misinterpretation of geographical facts. It is regarded as one of the hidden gems of Himachal Pradesh and is situated at a vertical elevation of 4300 mt or 14100 feet.

The name ‘Chandratal’ emanates from the love story of “Chandra” the daughter of Moon deity and “Bhaga” the son of Sun god. Chandra River presents the tranquil azure water alongside the route after leaving Manali and after crossing the Rohtang Pass. The source of this river is replenished with the support of melt-water from the nearby glaciers. Bizarre claims circulate in neighboring villages where some residents spotted UFOs around Chandratal. However, the crystal clear lake is a sight to behold, and time seems to slow down when you are around this lake. You can enjoy tip-toeing around the circumference of the lake with your friends or alone. Silence and the enormity of this lake unravels a calm that rejuvenates the day’s exhaust.

Chandratal Lake Road Status 2023 - 24

I hope the information provided above is sufficient to the level of knowledge and helpful in your plannng to the Chandratal Lake trip.

To know more about the latest updates on Chandratal Road Status, you can follow us on , Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Koo, Telegram and YouTube. or mail to ""

Chandratal Lake Road Status 2023 - 24

What's to Carry when you travel to Chandratal Lake Route?

Must carry extra petrol can if you travel off the road
Must Carry some cash because there are limited network and Banking Facility
Carry some food items
Carry extra warm cloths
Not to travel alone

Chadratal Lake Route Map

Best Time for Trip to Chandratal Lake
  JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN  
  JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC  

Ideal Conditions for Chandratal Lake Trip

 Blue Skies
 Not too hot
 Not after heavy rains

What Should Carry

 Extra Petrol in your Vehicle. Extra Mobile Battery
 Bring along: Sunscreen, shades, mosquito repellent, antiseptic cream, camera, torch, dry bags, first aid box.
 Safety Equipment: Life Jacket, Wet Suit Ropes, Winch and Carabiners.

Activity's Location

Chandratal Lake Road Status 2023 - 24

FAQs about
Chandratal Lake

Where is Chandratal Lake located?

Located in Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Manali to Chandratal Lake distance is 125 km. You can either travel from Delhi to Chandratal Lake via Manali. Or, you can also plan to take the longer route from Delhi to Spiti Valley via Kinnaur and further to Chandratal.

When should I visit?

Chandratal lake is accessible throughout the summer months. However, it experiences a thick snowfall in winters and is pretty much indistinguishable from the surroundings.

How to reach from Chandratal to kaza on a bus?

The Manali -Kaza bus reaches Kunzum afternoon.So you can hop in that bus and reach Kaza.

Is accommodation available at Chandratal?

Yes accommodation is available at Chandratal in the form of tents.

Can I pitch tent at chandratal campsite?

Yes, you can pitch your tent 1 kilometre away from Chandratal, but if you see any shepherds nearby,make sure you take their permission.

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