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Sport of Flying Parachutes

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Paragliding (Sport of Flying Parachutes)

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Overview: Paragliding

The dream of flying in the sky just like a bird is as old as human kind. You can make your dream come true with paragliding. This sport is considered to be risky, but the reality is that the safety of practitioners is quite high, especially compared to other adventure disciplines. Of course, you cannot paraglide unless you have undergone extensive training. There are numerous paragliding schools that you can select from. It is only natural for you to look for courses in your local area, but there are a number of other essential factors that you have to consider carefully as well.

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Paragliding, Sport of Parachutes

Paragliding History:

Paragliding, like hang gliding, developed partially out of designs created for the NASA space program. Other designs, along with test flights completed independently on the other side of the world, also helped provide the foundation of paragliding and contributed to its development.

American pilot David Barish created one of the first airfoils that helped jump-start the evolution of modern paragliding. After the end of WWII, Barish left the Air Force to study aerodynamics at the California Institute of Technology, then became a consultant for NASA. In 1955, he designed the Vortex Ring, a lighter, more stable parachute with improved gliding capabilities. Then, in the early 1960s, he built on his previous work to design a parachute, called the Sailwing, to aid in the return of NASA space capsules to Earth.

Paragliding, Sport of Parachutes

According to Sarin, who has documentary evidence of the first paragliding championship, Operation Blue Star, which loomed large in 1984, came in the way of the event as well. “We faced a lot of difficulties, but still many foreign nationals participated in it. There were 13 countries and 43 pilots at that time.”.

Logistics became a nightmare as, according to him, vehicles were not allowed to move freely. Even the prize money to be given to winners had to be deposited into an escrow account. “From this account money can only be withdrawn with specified purpose. Later, it was awarded to the winner at Delhi during a special event,” recalls Sarin.

Paragliding, Sport of Parachutes

Paragliding In India:

India is a land of infinite possibilities. And by infinite I literally mean infinite! There are some ways in which you can be flying like a bird like soaring away in a hot air balloon or parasailing, in which you are tied at the rear end of a boat using a rope or something, and then there is the ultimate feeling-like-a-bird sport which is paragliding. Paragliding may well be referred to as the ultimate bird-like feeling. As a basic overview, the pilot is supposed to sit in a harness which is suspended from a wing-like structure and then you have just got to run off a cliff and viola! You are up in the air like an actual bird. Interesting much?! Or thinking that it is for the mad adrenaline junkies or the suicidal maniacs. To tell the truth, it is none of those things. People now are becoming aware of the fact that the rides are pretty safe and that there are other fail-safe options. If you manage to follow the rules and regulations of paragliding, then there are absolutely no chances of failing. So take a chill pill and understand the fact that you can manage to take care of the fun factor and the adventure streak of yours while being safe.

If you want to fly free like a bird and see everything become tiny under them, then Paragliding is the best option for you. It is one of the most popular adventure sports, which ensures you get a fun-filled and safe experience. There are many such destinations in India that offer breathtaking paragliding experiences. India’s diverse geography and terrain makes it possible for the adventure lovers to get the adrenaline rush everywhere and in every possible way. To top it all, it is totally safe and handled by experts with all the safety precautions.

Paragliding, Sport of Parachutes

Best season for Paragliding in India:

For a complete adventure experience, plan camping, trekking and paragliding in Solang Valley. Best time for the adventure is between February and March and May to October, except monsoons.

Paragliding, Sport of Parachutes

Paragliding sites in India:


Himachal Pradesh: Bir Billing, Manali

Uttarakhand: Nainital, Pithoragarh, Ranikhet,

Jammu and Kashmir: Sanasar


Maharashtra: Panchgani, Kamshet


Paragliding, Sport of Parachutes

What's to Carry when you go for Paragliding?

Must carry extra cloths and also carry medicine for general purpose
Must Carry some cash because there are limited network and Banking Facility around your location
Carry some food items
Carry some warm cloths
Not to travel alone

Popular Paragliding Sites

Best Time for Paragliding
  JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN  
  JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC  

Ideal Conditions for Paragliding

 Staying aloft in light wind conditions in a paraglider or hang glider is commonly called scratching. It is called this because experienced pilots fly very close (almost scratching their wing tip) to the ridge in order to maintain altitude or stay up. One of the keys to maximizing your chances of success on such a day is proper speed control.
 On light days, it takes more than flying at Minimum Sink to maximize the chances of getting up. “What?” you say, “Min sink is the speed at which you get your slowest descent rate, so how can this be true?” In a nutshell, on light days, the variance of wind speeds and lift at different sections of a cliff vary, making constant (speed to fly) adjustments the best way to stay up. This article addresses ridge soaring in dynamic lift only, not thermal flying. In thermal flights, flying too close to terrain is extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

What Should Wear

 For paragliding wearing the right clothing and footwear is very important! Here are some guidelines to help you.
 You may have periods of intense activity(e.g. walking up the hill!) and other times where you have to sit and wait for the right wind and weather conditions. You may have to contend with the chill factor of the prevailing wind, so it makes sense to go properly prepare.Layers of light but warm shirts mixed with a windproof on top are much better than just one or two thick heavy garments. Wearing an overall or similar is a good idea: if you have some waterproof overalls or a one-piece ski suit, so much better.
 It is a good idea to bring along some waterproof overalls, just in case we get caught out by a rain shower. A pair of warm gloves is a very good idea, especially in cooler weather( even if you take them off to fly!), ideally not too thick. And a waterproof jacket.

Activity's Location

Paragliding, Sport of Parachutes

FAQs about

What is paragliding?

Paragliding is a gift of wings, a lifelong dream come true, a taste of the freedom of your spirit, an essence of pure flight, and countless beautiful different things to different people. Especially those who have experienced the indescribable sensations of floating like a bird over a pristine countryside.

How safe is it?

Paragliding is an outdoor sport in which you are trying to harmonize with the forces of nature. Like any other adventure sport, it is exciting because of that little element of risk but no more than climbing or swimming. Personal judgment and attitude are of fundamental importance.

Why Paragliding in Kamshet?

Kamshet is among the top destinations for Paragliding in India. It is also the main hub for Paragliding Training in our country. The hills are safe for flying with easy launches and large landing spaces. Flying in Kamshet is very picturesque with the stunning beauty of the Sahyadri ranges with lakes & forts all around that make for amazing views.

Do I need any prior experience?

You do not need prior experience for paragliding! But you haev to listen the trainer with whom you fly.

Can I Do Paragliding?

Of course you can! There was not a single case that someone could not. You just need to correctly determine the level of the task and the right motivation.

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