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Jeep Safari

Beautiful Way to Travel on Road

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Jeep Safari (Beautiful Way to Travel on Road)

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Overview: Jeep Safari

A jeep safari is a modern-day caravan. These overland journeys often traverse through off-road terrain (read Spiti, Ladakh, Kutch), and are aimed at travellers with a penchant for adventure. The journey is more important than the destination in a jeep safari. And there is no better way to experience high mountain passes, beautiful valleys, stark deserts and lush forests! Most of India’s popular jeep safari trails are in North India, with Manali, Leh, Shimla, Nainital and Corbett being some of the key places that offer fixed departures. Given India's diverse terrain this adventure activity is loaded with possibilities, especially in regions such as the Northeast and Sikkim.An old saying on Ladakh goes as follows: ‘Only a dear friend or an old enemy will find his way to Ladakh.’ With the opening of the Manali-Leh highway, the forbidden charm of Ladakh suddenly became a reality for those seeking new pastures. Given the height of this highway with mountain crossings such as Tanglang Pass, Rohtang Pass, Baralacha Pass among others, jeeps were tailor-made for this fascinating journey. The success of this route, which traverses the fruit basket of Kullu-Manali, the tribal district of Lahaul, and Ladakh, has gradually spawned many more routes.1. From Leh a) Leh-Pangong-Tso Moriri b) Leh-Lamayuru-Padum (Zanskar) c) Leh-Nubra 2. From Manali a) Manali-Keylong-Sarchu-Leh-Nubra-Leh-Kargil-Sonmarg-Srinagar) 3. From Shimla a) Shimla-Sarahan-Sangla-Kalpa-Nako-Tabo-Kaza-Manali b) Shimla-Jalori-Shoja-Manali 4. From Corbett/Nainital a)Corbett-Nainital-Mukteshwar-Ranikhet-Kausani-Binsar-Corbett.

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Jeep Safari, Beautiful Way to Travel on Road

Accommodation during jeep safaris is mostly basic. So keep following items handy:Sleeping Bag, Camping Mat, Lantern/Flashlight (extra mantles for lanterns and bulbs for flashlights), Packaged Cold Cuts / Cheese Juice/Other Drinks, Snack Bars/Dried Fruit, Toilet Paper Napkins, Paper Towels Biodegradable ,Soap Sandles Trekking Shoes/Sneakers, Emergency Rain Poncho, Can / Bottle Opener, Paper Plates,Camera,Batteries, Sunscreen Lotion, Sunglasses, Bug Spray, Torch.

Respect local traditions and customs ,Jeep safaris are mostly in remote regions, so dress conservatively wear loose clothing for comfort, Keep a first aid kit and basic medicines hand Minimal use of polythene, don't litter & don't pollute water bodies. In many high altitude villages they are a direct source of drinking water and cooking. Consume local, contribute to local economies,take care of your fitness level before embarking on a jeep safari. Since it involves continuous driving in off-road conditions, often in high altitude as well, be prepared for some level of hardship. Also, there is a low-probability possibility of getting stuck in snowfall for days. Factor these in, and be mentally prepared.

Jeep Safari, Beautiful Way to Travel on Road

Jeep Safari History:

Jeep Safari is one of the best methods to explore the unexplored places in India including National parks & wildlife sanctuaries, forests, narrow mountainous highways, deserts and lush green valleys. Whether there are rocky landscapes or in-accessible geo-morphological topography of India, jeep safari in India is the best option to travel around. Jeep safaris provide you with the unique and exciting experience. It takes you through the adventurous and uncommon routes where you can observe the rare species of flora and fauna. Jeep safaris in India are also a boon for elderly people, so that they can travel anywhere they want.

Jeep Safari, Beautiful Way to Travel on Road

Best season for Jeep Safari in India:

Ladakh and Spiti are accessible only through the summer months from May to September. This period is suitable for Kinnaur. For rest of Himachal Pradesh , Uttarakhand and Sikkim, spring through autumn is the ideal period.For destinations in the plains such as Rajasthan , Gujurat and rest of peninsula India, winter is the best time to undertake a Jeep Safari.

Jeep Safari, Beautiful Way to Travel on Road

Jeep Safari TIPS:

  1. Pack appropriate Safari clothing. Simply packing your favorite outfit won't do.
  2. Bring some shade.
  3. Bright colors are a no-no!
  4. Bring something for the dust and grime.
  5. Bring water.
  6. Bring some cash.
  7. Your passport.
  8. Your camera.

Jeep Safari, Beautiful Way to Travel on Road

Medical Concerns:

There’s no medical condition that will stop the nature and wildlife enthusiast from going on a safari – so long as the sudden appearance of a beast of the wilds doesn’t get your nerves jangling, or your heart pounding too much!

Jeep Safari, Beautiful Way to Travel on Road


A pair of binoculars, a camera – and plenty of patience!

Jeep Safari, Beautiful Way to Travel on Road

Ecological concerns:

Since you’re out in the open, in the territory of the animal kingdom, please respect the wild inhabitants and their habitats. Do not litter, and be as discreet as possible – switch off mobile devices, keep your voice low, and click photographs at a respectful distance so as not to disturb the animals. Remember, you’re on someone else’s patch!

Jeep Safari, Beautiful Way to Travel on Road

What's to Carry when you go for Jeep Safari?

Must carry some water with you
Must Carry some cash because there are limited network and Banking Facility
Carry some food items
Carry extra warm cloths
Not to travel alone

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Best Time for Jeep Safari
  JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN  
  JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC  

Ideal Conditions for Jeep Safari

 Save the peak of summer and the depth of winter, the rest of the year offers a superb climate for jeep safari - not too warm, not too chilly. But if you're keen on visiting game reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in off-season(and are not tooput off by extreme of weather),take a chance- you might be pleasantly surprised by some sightings. But do check with the parks if they admit visitors during thesemonths.

What Should Wear

 For jeep safaris in Ladakh and Spiti, keep a combination of warm clothing (sweater, jacket, thermals) and cottons. And dress in layers. Days are warm under the high-altitude sun, but temperature dips very fast well before sundown. Also, while crossing high passes, ensure that you are are adequately covered. Remember Khardung La/Pass and other other passes are snow covered through the year.
 For jeep safaris in Garhwal, Kumaon and Himachal (besides Spiti), layered clothing is, once again, recommended. Although, one is unlikely to be exposed to the extreme conditions of Ladakh and Spiti.

Activity's Location

Jeep Safari, Beautiful Way to Travel on Road

FAQs about
Jeep Safari

How safe are open vehicle safaris?

National Parks such as Jim Corbett National Park and Ranthambore National Park take visitors on a safari in open vehicles such as jeeps and canters. Whenever you come across any dangerous wildlife such as tigers, follow the lead of your tour guide and certainly don’t get outside the vehicle. Once you start the jeep safari, you will spend at least 4-5 hours inside the jeep. As long as you don’t get out of the vehicle or make any sudden movements which might disturb the wildlife, you’ll be completely safe.

How much money should I carry on my Indian safari?

The majority of your expenses on safari, including accommodation, activities, and vehicle transfers, are covered by safari packages. Some safari packages also cover domestic flights. So, the only times you’ll need money is for either tipping the guides and staff or purchasing souvenirs and snacks at the local shops.

What is the best time to visit Ranthambore?

The best time to visit Ranthambore National Park is considered to be from November to April, although Ranthambore Park is open to tourists from October to June. The months of May and June are favorite months for wildlife photographers and enthusiasts as tigers and other wildlife can be easily spotted near the waterhole during the summer season.

Is open Jeep Safari is safe in India?

Yes open jeep is perfectly safe for a tiger safari in India.

How many people can shaer a Jeep Safari?

One safari Jeep can accommodate 6 people.

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