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Rishikesh (The Yoga Capital)

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The Yoga Capital of the World
Upload By: Kabir Ansari on June 15, 2023

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Rishikesh is a city in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand, in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River. The river is considered holy, and the city is renowned as a center for studying yoga and meditation. Temples and ashrams (centers for spiritual studies) line the eastern bank around Swarg Ashram, a traffic-free, alcohol-free and vegetarian enclave upstream from Rishikesh town.

Rishikesh is open for tourists throughout the year, but you can avoid visiting Rishikesh in the month of July-August due to heavy rains in the mountains flow of river is more. To know more about the latest updates on Rishikes, you can follow us on , Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Koo, Telegram and YouTube. or mail to ""

Know more about Rishikesh

Rishikesh The City of Yoga

Rishikesh is also known for its connection with The Beatles. In February 1968, members of the legendary English rock band visited Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's ashram (now popularly known as the Beatles Ashram) to learn transcendental meditation. The band composed nearly 48 songs during their time at the Maharishi's ashram, many of which appear on the White Album (and a few from Abbey Road). John Lennon recorded a song titled, 'The Happy Rishikesh Song' after his visit. Several other international artists, including Mike Love of the Beach Boys, Paul Horn, Donovan and Gyp Mills, visited the site to contemplate and meditate.

Rishikesh The City of Yoga

Rishikesh History:

Rishikesh has been a part of the legendary "Kedarkhand". Legends state that Lord Rama did penance here for killing Ravana, the asura king of Lanka; and Lakshmana, his younger brother, crossed the river Ganges, using two jute ropes at the point where the present 'Lakshman Jhula'stands today. The 'Kedarkhand' of Skanda Purana, also mentions the existence of Indrakund at this very point. The jute-rope bridge was replaced by a 248-foot long iron-rope suspension bridge in 1889. After it was washed away in the 1924 floods, it was replaced in 1927 by the present stronger bridge built by the United Provinces Public Works Department. This bridge connects the two districts of Tapovan, Tehri and Jonk, Pauri Garhwal. Another similar suspension bridge Ram Jhula was built in 1986 at nearby Sivananda Nagar.

The historical records mention that some pilgrims used to stay at Rishikesh as a resting place before moving onwards to the higher mountains for the pilgrimage while a larger number used to visit Rishikesh as the original destination and visited various sites between Rishikesh and Lakshman Jhula before returning. However, Rishikesh has in recent decades shifted from a pilgrim to a tourist town. The International Yoga Festival introduced in 2000 has brought a new influx of tourists. Local markets have evolved from commercialising goods such as "local and religious handicrafts" to a more service-oriented tourist industry with "provision stores, cafes, hotels and yoga and meditation" as well as rafting.

Rishikesh The City of Yoga

Ancient rock paintings, rock shelters, paleolithic stone tools (hundreds of thousands of years old), and megaliths provide evidence that the mountains of the region have been inhabited since prehistoric times. There are also archaeological remains that show the existence of early Vedic (c. 1500 BCE) practices in the area. The Pauravas, Khasas, Kiratas, Nandas, Mauryas, Kushanas, Kunindas, Guptas, Karkotas, Palas, Gurjara-Pratiharas, Katyuris, Raikas, Chands, Parmars or Panwars, Mallas, Shahs and the British have ruled Uttarakhand in turns.

Rishikesh The City of Yoga

Geography of Rishikesh:

Rishikesh is at 30.103368°N 78.294754°E. It has an average elevation of 340 metres (1,120 ft). The town is located in the Tehri Garhwal region of the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand.

After flowing 249 km (155.343 mi) through its narrow Himalayan valley, the Ganges emerges from the mountains at Rishikesh, then debouches onto the Gangetic Plain at the pilgrimage town of Haridwar. Despite the pollution of the Ganges, the water in Rishikesh is relatively unaffected as the major polluting points are down river in the neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh.

The Tehri Dam is just 86 km (53 mi) and Uttarkashi, a popular yoga destination is 170 km (110 mi) uphill on the way to Gangotri Dham. Rishikesh is the starting point for travelling to the four Chota Char Dham pilgrimage places—Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. It is also a starting point for the Himalayan tourist destinations such as Harsil, Chopta, Auli and famous summer and winter trekking destinations like Dodital, Dayara Bugyal, Kedarkantha, Har Ki Dun for camping and grandeur Himalayan panoromic views.

According to Köppen-Geiger climate classification system, its climate is humid subtropical (Cwa). Average maximum temperature is 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). The average minimum temperature is 7 degrees Celsius. The wettest month is July with highest rainfall of 444mm. The driest month is November with rainfall of 10mm. Months of May, June, July and August has the highest UV index of 12 and January and December have the lowest UV index of 4.

Rishikesh The City of Yoga

Places to Visit at Rishikesh.

Best Time to Visit:

Although it is an all-year-round destination, the best time to visit Rishikesh is from February to mid-May when the weather is very pleasant. The peak season to visit Rishikesh is during the summer season when people can indulge in white water rafting and other adventure activities along with attending Yoga Festival that falls in March.

Popular Place to Visit:

In order to witness the best of this town in Uttarakhand, you must consider visiting some of the best places to visit in Rishikesh. The best part about exploring Rishikesh is the endless opportunities that you get to get the advantage of like local tours, sightseeing activities, and some obviously must adventure sports. From the iconic Laxman Jhula to the evergreen Beatles Ashram, places to see in Rishikesh are one of a kind gems to be explored. A number of them have been listed below. Feel free to go through them and list them out in the comments if we have missed something:

  • Laxman Jhula And Ram Jhula: The Swinging Rishikesh
  • The Beatles Ashram: For The Love Of Beatles
  • Shivpuri: Camping By The River
  • Neelkanth Mahadev Temple: A Sacred Abode Of Lord Shiva
  • Triveni Ghat: For Framing The Aarti
  • Neer Garh Waterfall: A Perfect Trekking Getaway
  • Kaudiyala: For A Rafting Spree
  • Jumpin Heights: Jumping, Flying And More
  • Swarg Ashram: India’s Oldest Ashram
  • Rishikund: Hot Water Springs For Sages
  • Geeta Bhawan: A Tourist Place And A Free Shelter
  • Vashishta Gufa: A Small Getaway
  • Kunjapuri Temple: For A Mesmerizing Sunset!
  • Parmath Niketan Ashram: For Calming Your Soul
  • Bharat Mandir: Feel Blessed
  • Tera Manzil Temple: Feel The Enchanting Vibes
  • Sadhaka Grama Ashram: Experience The Peace Within
  • Muni Ki Reti: Soak In Mother Nature’s Goodness
  • Swami Dayananda Ashram: Relax, Revive And Rejuvenate
  • Andhra Ashram: Away From The City Clutter
  • Garud Chatti Waterfall: Nature’s Opportunity For Rejuvenation
  • Byasi: An Adventurous Place
  • Raghunath Temple: Attend The Ceremonies
  • Rajaji National Park: Nature’s Rich Reserve
  • Patna Waterfall: A Small Waterfall
  • Rishikesh ViewPoint: For A Bird’s Eye View
  • Bairaj Lake: A Place For Picnic
  • Himshail Waterfall: Silky Smooth Water
  • Bhootnath Temple: Get Lord’s Blessings
  • Phool Chatti Waterfall: A Pristine Area
  • Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas: For All Solace Seekers
  • Sivananda Ashram: Relax And Meditate
  • Anand Prakash Ashram: The Surreal Spot
  • Osho Ganga Ashram: Practice Osho Active Meditation
  • Phool Chatti Ashram: A Grand Retreat
  • Virbhadra Temple: An Iconic Attraction
  • Vanprastha Ashram: A Serene Stay
  • Nirmal Ashram: An Offbeat Stay
  • Himalayan Yog Ashram: For The Yoga Training
  • Madhuban Ashram: A Spiritual Palace

Rishikesh The City of Yoga


Rishikesh has continental climate, with pleasant weather throughout the year, as it is located at the foothills of Himalayas.

Rishikesh The City of Yoga

How to Reach:

Uttarakhand is gradually developing its connectivity with all three means of transport, however, roadways still remain the best means to explore this hilly state. There is efficient road connectivity both intrastate and interstate, making it easy for people to visit Uttarakhand anytime of the year and that too comfortably. The state at the moment has two operational airports and a few railway stations as well.

By Air: Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun is the nearest airport to Rishikesh which is approximately 35 kilometres away. Popular carriers like Air India, Spice Jet and Jet Airways often have daily flights from New Delhi. Apart from Delhi, there is a flight from Lucknow to Dehradun as well. Once you reach at the airport, you can opt for regular taxi or bus service which is easily available from Dehradun to Rishikesh. The second nearest international airport for Rishikesh is in New Delhi which is well-connected with different cities across the globe.

By Rail: The nearest railhead to Rishikesh is in Haridwar which is approximately 25 kilometres away. Haridwar, in turn, is linked to major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow and Varanasi. Some of the popular trains are Shatabadi Express, Jan Shatabdi, AC Special Express and Mussoorie Express. For those making the journey to Rishikesh, it is advisable to take the train till Haridwar and then either take a bus or hire a taxi to Rishikesh. While the bus would take about 45 minutes, the taxi will take you to Rishikesh in about half an hour.

By Road: Being a popular tourist destination, Rishikesh has a good network of buses connecting it with important places such as Haridwar, Dehradun and New Delhi. Buses depart in the morning and late evening from the Kashmere Gate ISBT, New Delhi for Rishikesh every day. You can choose from a regular, deluxe or a luxurious coach.

Rishikesh The City of Yoga

Getting Around:

Rishikesh is an ideal place to wander around and explore on foot, although auto-rickshaws are readily available to provide trans.

Rishikesh The City of Yoga

What's to Carry when you travel On Road?

Must carry extra extra cash some time ATM available enroute not working
Must Carry wollen cloth, Rishikesh is cool at Night
Carry some food items
Carry extra cloths
Not to travel in Night Alone

Rishikesh Map

Best Time To Visit
  JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN  
  JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC  

Ideal Time To Visit Rishikesh

 September to May will be the ideal season for general tourists of Rishikesh.

What to do at Rishikesh

 Rafting, Kayaking, Bungee Jumping, Trekking, Mountaineering and many more........

Activity's Location

Rishikesh The City of Yoga

FAQs about

Best Time to Visit to Rishikesh

September to March will be the ideal season for general tourists of Rishikesh. Though, tourists and pilgrims visit Rishikesh/Haridwar round the year.

What is good Bike or Car to travel on this route?

If you want to feel the glimpse of the road near by you. You can travel with Bike. Car is is also good option.

Can I book/hire car for someone else?

Yes, you can hire car/bike from near by location e.g. Delhi as per your need.

How do I find the cheapest car hire deal?

You can check with TravelMyDestionation Car/Bike hire section.

What should I look for when I'm choosing a car?

You have to carry extra petrol and extra tyre to replace if required. Avoid to travel after night.

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