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Spiti Road Status 2024 - 25

Manali - Spiti Road Status 2024 - 25 7

Spiti Valley Road Status 2024 - 25

Current Status (Open from Shimla Side But Closed From Manali Side)
Upload By: Kabir Ansari on Nov 11, 2023


The present Spiti Valley road status is open from the Shimla side but closed from the Manali side. You can plan a trip to Spiti but will have to go via Shimla and come back the same way. You cannot travel to Spiti covering the entire Circuit until May 2024. The road to Chandratal is also closed. All other internal roads within Spiti are open though.

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Manali Spiti Road Status 2023 - 24

For complete information about the trip time and how to plan a trip to Spiti Valley visit at A Trip to Spiti Valley Complete Travel Guide.

Manali Spiti Road Status 2023 - 24

En-Route Spiti Valley Road Status 2023

Road / Route Status
Delhi to Manali Open
Delhi to Shimla Open
Shimla to Kaza Open
Manali to Kaza Closed
Rohtang Pass Closed
Manali to Keylong Open via Atal Tunnel
Kinzum Pass Closed
Keylong to Kaza Closed
Chandratal Road Closed
Chitkul Road Closed

Manali Spiti Road Status 2023 - 24
Beautiful view Spiti Valley in Winters

Kunzum Pass and Rohtang are both on the Manali Kaza route. Both these passes are known to receive a heavy amount of snow each year. Due to this, the entire Manali – Spiti Valley stretch remains buried under snow in the winter season.

Chandratal is also located on this stretch and gets closed from late October to early June.

Manali Spiti Road Status 2023 - 24

From Shimla’s side, only the road from Karchham to Chitkul via Sangla Valley remains closed until March. The rest of the route remains open throughout the year.

Manali Spiti Road Status 2023 - 24

Lahul-Spiti Beautiful View

Shimla to Spiti Valley Road Status:

Contrary to common belief, the road from Shimla to Spiti Valley actually remains open throughout the year. There could be temporary closure in the winter season if it snowed heavily anywhere on the route. But the authorities clear the snow just as soon as they are able to restore the connectivity.

So starting from Shimla, you can actually visit Spiti valley at any time of the year. The only catch is that between November to May, you will have to keep Chandratal and the entire Manali Kaza stretch off your itinerary.

Manali Spiti Road Status 2023 - 24

Manali to Spiti Valley Road Status:

As a tourist, consider the road from Manali to Kaza as closed for this year. I would strongly advise against risking a journey on this stretch now. Blizzards and sudden heavy snowfall in this area are way too common.

Do not forget that you will also be crossing two high-altitude passes to get out and if that did not happen, you will be stuck for good. There have been instances when tourists were caught in blizzards at places like Batal and Chhota Dhara and had to be airlifted out. And yes, there have been casualties as well so do not take the risk.

Manali Spiti Road Status 2023 - 24

Kunzum Pass Road Status:

The status of Kunzum Pass as of today is open from both Shimla and Manali side.

Manali Spiti Road Status 2023 - 24

Chitkul Road Status:

The road to Chitkul bifurcates from Spiti Valley highway near Karcham and passes through the beautiful Sangla Valley. This entire stretch as well receives quite a bit of snow each year due to which, it gets cut off from the main highway between November to March.

There have been instances when tourists got stuck in Chitkul and Sangla Valley for several days and had to be airlifted out (there have been casualties as well). So if you wanted to include Chitkul in your itinerary, I will suggest planning a trip after April only.

Manali Spiti Road Status 2023 - 24

Chandratal Lake Status:

The road to Chandratal from both Manali and Kaza sides is open now. You can make a trip to chandratal lake.

Manali Spiti Road Status 2023 - 24

What's to Carry when you travel Off Road?

Must carry extra petrol can if you travel off the road
Must Carry some cash because there are limited network and Banking Facility
Carry some food items
Carry extra warm cloths
Not to travel alone

Spiti Valley Circuit Route Map

Best Time for Trip to Spiti Valley
  JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN  
  JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC  

Ideal Conditions for Spiti Valley Trip

 Blue Skies
 Not too hot
 Not after heavy rains

What Should Carry

 Extra Petrol in your Vehicle. Extra Mobile Battery
 Bring along: Sunscreen, shades, mosquito repellent, antiseptic cream, camera, torch, dry bags, first aid box.
 Safety Equipment: Life Jacket, Wet Suit Ropes, Winch and Carabiners.

Activity's Location

Manali Spiti Road Status 2023 - 24

FAQs about
Spiti Valley Trip

What do I need if I Trip Alone?

First!! avoid visiting alone. If you decide you want to trip all alone not to be worry but you have to remember certain things before choosing this route and have to take extra precautions.

What is good Bike or Car to travel on this route?

If you want to feel the glimpse of the road near by you. You can travel with Bike. Car is not good to travel such a massy patch you tarvel with 4X4 vehicle.

Can I book a hire car for someone else?

Yes, you can hire car/bike from near by location e.g. Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla, Manali as per your need.

How do I find the cheapest car hire deal?

You can check with TravelMyDestionation Car/Bike hire section.

What should I look for when I'm choosing a car?

You have to carry extra petrol and extra tyre to replace if required. Avoid to travel after night.

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