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Adventure on the Road

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Motor Biking(Adventure on the Road)

Upload By: Kabir Ansari on May 15, 2022
Adventure Sport,

Overview: Motor Biking

Motor biking in the mountains is an adventure sport. Its tried by the audacious people who ride the motorbikes in the rocky stacks. Motor biking is the best option for those who are the typical escapade enthusiasts. The beautiful and diverse geography of India makes a wide scope for biking. Its always filled with great contentment. The Indian Himalayas offer an incredible drive to the motorcycle riders.

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Know more about popular sites for Motor Biking in India.

Motor Biking, Adventure on the Road

Motor Biking History:

Motorcycle touring is a format of tourism that involves a motorcycle. It has been a subject of note since at least 1915.

Motorcycle touring involves special equipment and techniques. A touring motorcycle optimized for long range travel and luggage carrying capacity may be used. Special preparations involved include route planning for unfamiliar areas, packing tools that might be needed, finding food, making overnight stops, finding fuel in remote areas, and physical care of the rider's body. It may involve camping or attending motorcycle rallies along the way.

Motor Biking, Adventure on the Road

Motor Biking In India:

Garhwal Himalayan Motorbike Tours:

Garhwal is a prime destination for motor biking. Rough land of Garhwal Himalayas makes the motor biking exhilarating and quite exigent. The journey that begins from Rishikesh and ends in Dehradun, passes from perfidious mountain roads and thick woods. At 'Trekking in India', we offer exhilarating motorbike tour packages to Garhwal Himalayas. March to mid May, and September to November are the best time to get the feel of great adrenaline rush through the motorbike tour.

Motor Biking, Adventure on the Road

Ladakh Motorbiking:

Ladakh gives an unforgettable and breathtaking experience to the motorbike enthusiasts. The Ladakh motorbike tour does not only consist of the attractive landscapes, astounding views of the Himalayas, center of unique cultures and traditions like Buddhist Gompas; but also provides the view of the rich flora and fauna. At Trekking in India, we offer you energizing Ladakh Motorbike Tours. Mid June to Mid of October is the best time to enjoy the motorcycle riding here.

Motor Biking, Adventure on the Road

Himachal Motorbiking:

Biking in the 'Adobe of Gods: Himachal', allows you to travel around the breathtaking landscapes, rich culture and traditions of the state. The remarkable Himachal motorbike tour starts from Shimla and ends at Manali via Spiti Valley. At 'Trekking in India', we offer attractive motor biking tours to Himachal. Mid June to Mid October is the best time to get the thrill of motor biking in Himachal.

Motor Biking, Adventure on the Road

Kumaon Motorbiking:

Biking in Kumaon allows you to explore the natural beauty that consists of the thick forests, muttering waterfalls, snow covered mountains and much more. On this biking tour, you enjoy the view of Jim Corbett National Park, Binsar Bird Sanctuary, Munsiyari, Mukteshwar and Ramgarh. 'Trekking in India' offers exciting motorbike tours to the adventure freaks and makes their holidays more daring and interesting.

Motor Biking, Adventure on the Road

Best season for Motor Biking in India:

Riders will go through different trails through this motorcycle tour in India leaving them with memories of an unparalleled experience. Best Riding Season: October to February is the best time to take this national highway route.

Motor Biking, Adventure on the Road

Know more about popular locations for Motor Biking in India.

Motor Biking, Adventure on the Road

What's to Carry when you go for Motor Biking?

Must carry some water with you
Must Carry some cash because there are limited network and Banking Facility
Carry some food items
Carry extra warm cloths
Not to travel alone

Popular Motor Biking Sites

Best Time for Motor Biking
  JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN  
  JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC  

Ideal Conditions for Motor Biking

 Weather condition

What Should Wear

 Ideal Cloths

Activity's Location

Motor Biking, Adventure on the Road

FAQs about
Motor Biking

What is a self-guided motorcycle tour?

Just as it appears, this means that the convenience of a motorcycle-riding guide to show you the way is not included. Instead of having a riding guide or support truck, you would have some combination of a hotel package, a road book or route notes, GPS, maps, or possibly other ferries, national parks, or other train/bus arrangements that we prepare to make the trip easy for you. You would essentially be your own “guide,” which means it’s still possible to experience the same route that the guided tours go on, only it won’t be as convenient has having another rider or a group to follow along with. Self-guided tours typically cut your costs by 20-30% instead of a guided tour, by the time you’ve paid for all your fuel, hotels, meals, transfers, etc.

What is a “private” group motorcycle tour?

It’s exactly what the name implies: A group that consists entirely of just yourself, or just the group of friends, family, or coworkers that you’d like to share an great riding experience with. When you see a guided tour listed on our website with fixed departure dates, those trips are open to the public, so anyone from around the world could end up riding together to fill out the group. In between those “public” dates, we have many opportunities to guide your private group without allowing outsiders. Please keep in mind, the more people you have, the lower the per-rider cost for a private group tour. As there are common or “fixed” costs like the guide(s), their hotels, food, salaries, etc., the more people you have in your private group, the less of the “fixed” costs each rider needs to pay.

How long are typical riding days?

Riding days can vary from as little as 200km/124 miles to 650km/404 miles per day or possibly, depending on the trip you choose. However, we encourage you to think of this in terms of “riding time,” not the “distance ridden” as 200km in the twisty Andes Mountains or Alps of Europe can make for a very full riding day. Much the same, some days will include ferry crossings, side excursions, or other activities depending on the trip you choose, so just keep in mind that we design itineraries that make full use of your vacation time, and it would be difficult to get bored at any time.

What happens if my motorcycle breaks down?

You have to take care about the bike?

What are the requirements to join a tour?

Riders age must be between 18 years and 75 years and co-riders must be 12 years or above (at the time of the start of the tour). Passengers in the support vehicle must be 5 years or over (with the authorisation of an adult/guardian).

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